• Blow Your Mind, Not Your Hair. The World’s First and Only Reverse-Air Dryer.
  • FASTER: Proven 3x faster than conventional hair dryers in third party trials.
  • HEALTHIER: 1/2 the wattage of standard hair dryers exposing hair to less heat.
  • EASIER: 2-in-1 device to dry and straighten hair in one easy step.
  • WHY IT WORKS: Reverse-air moves heat in natural direction of cuticles helping to smooth hair.

Legal Disclaimer: Currently, RevAir is only available for purchase within the United States.

Publisher: RevAir

Details: REVERSE YOUR THINKING Does it SUCK drying your hair? Now it does… and it’s AWESOME. Everything you’ve ever used to achieve straight hair has just become obsolete. No more multi-step process. Go from wet and wild, to dry and sleek, without the hassle. WHAT SETS REVAIR APART FROM TRADITIONAL HAIR DRYING AND STRAIGHTENING TOOLS – TENSION WITHOUT FRICTION – Reverse-air moves heat in the natural direction of the cuticle helping to smooth hair. – 360° COVERAGE – Heated reverse-air envelops the hair strands while pulling water away, increasing drying efficiency, and lessening overall drying time. – BEAT THE HEAT – Half the wattage of a traditional blow dryer, yet dries and straightens 3 times faster. Bonus: Reverse-air eliminates hot air blowing into the scalp and onto the skin. – SAFE AND SOUND – The aerodynamically designed wand interior ensures a smooth, unobstructed flow of air, heat, and hair. GET A GRIP Wand Holder – GIVE YOURSELF A HAND – This handy stand may be used while the Wand is powered ON or for storing until next use. HOW TO REV 1. 🚿WASH Wash hair. Towel dry. Comb through. 2. 👉REV Power-on the Base Unit and Wand. Adjust to your preferred setting.Insert hair into the Wand, up to your scalp. Keep Wand near your scalp. No need to move up and down the hair length. When dry, remove and repeat, section by section, until complete. 3. ❤️LOVE! Enjoy your freshly REV’ed hair. WHAT’S INCLUDED? – Heat Producing Wand – Base Unit – 7 Foot Hose – Carry All Bag – 3 Flat Elastic Hair Ties – Quick Start Guide – Operation Manual – Warranty Card – Gift with Purchase: Get a Grip Wand Holder


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